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Coming Soon

(The before)

It took a long time to find this space. Not only a roof under which to place my business, but this little beach town, among these quirky, talented, resilient people. And THIS - this space in my head and heart, in this life that inspires and serves me, and allows me to serve.

In this once abandoned end of a blue fronted steel hull, I see all the years I've scrubbed my molecules into so many kitchens. All the learning and setbacks, frustrations and growth. It all comes to this.

The walls are stripped down, bare bones, in this building and for the future.

Though construction is not yet complete and nothing is polished, my soul feels cleansed.

Fresh boards are not yet raised, but these rooms are a new home for my joy.

Though the shelves are not yet put together, they hold my hopes and dreams.

The recipes are never all written, but they are the pieces of me I offer to you. Because you are what this is really about.

Thanks for going on this great journey with me. How very lucky I hope to call myself, to be a regular part of your week soon.

(The current)

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