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It's been a while. And it's certainly been a year, hasn't it?

I have so much to say, but I realize most of it would be a yawp into the void. That's the nature of this crazy thing called life. Especially now -

I am currently spending my final days in the space my business has called home since last year. It has held my dreams, my hopes and my vision. It has both kept me on my toes and firmly planted me when I needed somewhere to water my roots. Looking around, part of me is sad, leaving the walls I built behind. But today, the rest of me, all those forward moving parts, know something more valuable than the tears, sweat and love I have poured into this place.

This place, with its ups, downs, struggles and truly great times, has brought peace to my life. It solidified my overwhelming passion for what I do. Food is and always will be my love language. My love is grand in all directions. The journey through this blue building on Highway 90 was a significant outlet for all that love and has built all sorts of beautiful bridges and swept clear new paths before me.

I'm so fortunate not to have to say goodbye to my business, and to embark on a new journey. No configuration of sheetrock makes Savage Skillet what it is, but I am so excited to share my next adventure with you. We're still in the neighborhood, less than ten minutes from Old Town Bay St. Louis. I have accepted a position and partnership with Pass Christian Isles Golf Club. My food will merge with their popular menu items, and their kitchen and venue will house us for delivery meal production, catering and more! Look for great things to come on all fronts!

You won't find Savage Skillet on Facebook after next week, but the updated website has new content and features an online ordering option for our delivery menus starting next week. Our Instagram is still rocking, and the blog and weekly newsletter are back up and running to make sure you're up to speed. I'll keep the recipes coming, and there are other plans from me heading your way late this summer.

So stay tuned, and thank you, as always, for being here.

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