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Life After Business

· As things begin to normalize in the world, you may initially miss those businesses that are permanently gone in 2020 's wake.

Some of us are still kicking, albeit in different manifestations. Shutting the doors of my business in particular was not so simple as Covid 19 or lack of customers. There are many working parts in any business. In my case many things beyond my control and not worth going into detail over were at play, as well as things I would do differently now-

As you probably know, I swapped around my business concept fairly successfully. As of today mine is one of so many businesses continuing to evolve as things around us change daily.

Savage Skillet said goodbye to a building. But know we are still here!

As the masks come off, don't forget about those places, people and products recently treated as disposable. To you they may be luxuries, but to us they are livelihood.

While pulling my dreams around in a little wagon over the past year, I made a couple of stops, tried on a couple of career adjacent hats, and wondered if I might have to say goodbye to the industry that saw me through my darkest hours and truly SAVED me. Now I feel I finally found the wide shady avenue of my happy present and future.

I hope you have too.

Maybe delivery is the way of food for the next several months, and I will offer it as long as you want and need it. But I’m not sold on the notion of a contactless 2021, or of food ceasing to bring us together. If I’ve gotten nothing else from all of this, I see the way food has seen us through it all, no matter our health needs or comfort levels, and I believe it will usher us out of our houses and back into each other’s presences.

Let’s build great places to gather going forward and begin to trust again. Let us be confident that we still exist, that we can and will find ourselves and our place in this Spring newborn.

Stay safe out there and be good to each other.

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