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Savage Skillet Signature Dishes

You may be wondering why we don't have a set menu and price list...

I don't believe my service to you is fully represented by limiting you or myself to a specific list of food items.  It is important to cater to you in the truest sense of the word, and work within your monetary, dietary and event needs and desires to the best of my ability.


Food costs change seasonally as well, and the costs of my services will reflect that as much as possible.


Furthermore,  I am developing new recipes on an ongoing basis, and will have new offerings on every front more often than a formal menu can represent. 


Below, please find a list of some original, specialty items, and check back regularly for new dishes.

I want you to always feel free to open a dialogue with me about my food, your food and events, and make each of them as enjoyable and memorable as possible.   Please email with any questions.

Brussels Sprouts

Select Sample Dishes

Small Bites

Beets and feta bruschetta

Mini stuffed peppers

Prosciutto wrapped grilled pineapple

Chicken salad tartlettes

Ham and black eyed pea rolls 
Chicken salad bites

Collard wraps 
Vegetable tartlettes 
Steak skewers with sauce

Pork loin skewers with sauce
Veggie skewers 
Shrimp sliders

Baked Asian chicken wings

Fennel and orange bruschetta

Shrimp and cantaloupe bites

Salad skewers

Mixed bean salad bites

Spiced bacon wrapped pineapple


Steak and sprouts stuffed tomatoes

Italian chicken

Pasta with marinara

Dry rubbed new york strip

Pork tenderloin

Lemon rosemary chicken


Green salad bar plus 3-4 mixed composed salads (quinoa,  lentil, green bean, cucumber)

Rice pilaf

Bacon wrapped green beans

Chickpea, tomatoes, avocado and green onions on mixed greens, with lime vinaigrette 

Pear and fennel salad 

Sherry vin potatoes


Parmesan zucchini

Mushrooms in wine sauce


Roasted fruit salad 

Pineapple upside down cake bites

Pudding shooters

Bread pudding

Blueberry lemon cake bites

Dark chocolate orange bread pudding with bourbon sauce