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Things We Shouldn't Say

Can we talk, for just a moment, about a specific taboo phrase?

Ok, good.

It's the phrase "emotional eating."

(Eeeek!!! Cue ominous music)

Bay St Louis catering Savage Skillet hot dog picture

When I was writing the intro for my website, I struggled with and skirted around that word- emotional. For some reason, whether media driven, neuvo psychological or true practice, any time the notions of food and feelings are allowed within a common conversational space, we are not only told how wrong it is, but how damaged those must be who do so.

But why?

Why have we allowed a questionable coping practice for a bit of the population to shame us out of the genuine joy we can, and in my opinion, should derive from the knowledge, the process, the cultural inheritance and bonding, the communing of man and nature?

How is acknowledging the way our souls occasionally benefit from a nice cup of tea or coffee, honey and produce from our neighbors, or a home cooked meal made with love such a damned crime?

If I sometimes have a burning desire that can only be satiated with a decent cheeseburger (insert your food weakness here), so long as that doesn't mean 3 or 6 or 11teen.... so what?

It is a short life we live, on a big world, in a practically infinite universe. That's pretty easy math, y'all.

I move we take back our right to our feelings about food and embrace the genuine ways in which it is so integral to us.

Yes, sometimes that means emotionally.

This week, I challenge you to be savage. Indulge just a little, appreciate every bite and sip, and be sure to tell me all about it.

Yep. Just shut up and it eat it!

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