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Kitchen Shoes and Moving Forward

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

In anticipation of a new year and a new season for Savage Skillet, I'm dusting off this old blog and chiming in -

I don't have to say much about the past year to any of you. We have all had our struggles. I do need to thank all of you who have been so patient, understanding and supportive, who have stuck with me through all the mayhem and continued to brave this new world with me. Your business, your encouragement and your positivity have meant the difference between despair and blooming.

A few days ago, I noticed a crack in the top of my work shoe that had most certainly not been there the day before. It was a significant fault, and I was stuck with it until after my shift, with no duct tape in sight for a quick fix.

Upon inspection in the next day's light, I found the worn down soles and gaping side slash of hard worn, year old kitchen kicks, and thought nothing could be more fitting to round out 2020. They are truly representative of the tough work, business and year they weathered with me. They did their job. They adapted until enough was enough. They should be bronzed, I swear.

As most of you know, Savage Skillet has seen lots of changes this year. That trend will continue, but in positive ways moving forward. Many of you have checked in, expressed concern and curiosity. It's been confusing, I know. I decided to clarify a bit here, to explain what it all means to those who want to know.

What happened?

I stopped writing for the Gazebo Gazette (which all started here, with this very blog) in order to focus on business. I closed the storefront because a lease renewal with significantly changed terms in the midst of an unsure, pandemic-ridden economy just didn't add up. I left social media because I found the platforms to be less than business friendly at best and eventually downright punitive in their censorship of my clientele building potential.

Savage Skillet is still in full swing as a safely practicing catering company. We'll be reupping weekly meal deliveries, and actively expanding into the East Mississippi gulf coast.

As always, thanks for being here, stay tuned.

Have the safest and happiest of holidays- 💕

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