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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

As I stand with my hands in my chef's coat, I find myself thinking about the women in my family. Growing up, they were constantly performing small acts of magic, making things disappear into, and ever more interestingly, appear from the pockets of their scrub tops, lab coats, over coats-

Pens, pen lights, hand Lotion, lip balm, blister packets of antihistamines, wrapped hard candy, folded pieces of paper...

Things squirreled away, carried around hospital floors, ERs, cafeterias, forgotten, or sometimes purposely stored. How important those pockets were. And more importantly, those women.

These days my own pockets hold keys, food thermometers, tasting spoons, sharpies- tools to help me prepare sustenance, often for people like those my grandmother, aunts, cousins and mother spent their careers caring for. It's an honor for me. Every day I am humbled, I learn, I know how important it is to be sure people are not only fed, but fed well.

My years of experience, honing my craft, learning and understanding nutrition as well as artistry have culminated in this. And what an honor it continues to be.

Thank you for letting me feed you.

Next time you're searching your pockets, know the things you store in them matter too-

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